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What are the water challenges we’re facing?

Water. An essential part of our everyday lives that we cannot live without. However, we don’t always give it the thought it deserves. Most of us are fortunate to have access to clean, fresh water direct into our homes, work and leisure spaces, with the turn of a tap – but this is not the case worldwide.

Water may seem abundant, but the water we can drink is not. Water covers 70% of Earth’s surface, but only 3% is fresh, drinkable water with most of that in glaciers and ice caps, the atmosphere, soil and deep underground networks, leaving just ~1% of the Earth’s fresh water available for consumption

Drought, scarcity, access, pollution and flooding are all water challenges happening around us…

  • An estimated 3 billion people lack access to safe drinking water globally – more than a third of the world’s total population
  • 80% of all illness in the developing world is water related
  • Water consumption has outpaced population growth two-fold, leading to much of the Earth’s freshwater to become increasingly polluted and creating water shortages which are real today, across the world
  • For many, the reality of living with extreme water scarcity is now only a generation away.
Who is Xylem?

Xylem is a global water technology company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative and smart technologies to meet the world’s water challenges.

Xylem’s social responsibility program “Xylem Watermark“, provides humanitarian aid to communities facing the most dire water-related challenges and natural disasters.

As part of our mission to solve water, we’re bringing together stakeholders from across society – including utilities, non-profits and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), schools and universities, businesses, government, sports teams and their fans, students and the public. By coming together, we our actions can make a significant impact in water conservation – one of the biggest sustainability challenges of our time. Solving water is a team sport. Join us!

Learn more about Xylem here:

How is Manchester City involved with Xylem?

In 2018, Xylem kicked off an exciting partnership with Manchester City, Manchester City Women and New York City FC. The partnership with City Football Group enables amplified awareness of Xylem’s mission to solve water and help drive a global conversation.

As leaders in their respective fields, Xylem and City Football Group – owners of flagship Club Manchester City – share a purpose and commitment to lead the way with being water responsible. Football fans are passionate and dedicated to their favourite sport – the same qualities needed to take on a huge challenge like solving water. We aim to inspire everyone to think differently about water and take action to help create a more water-secure and sustainable word.

Learn more about the partnership here:

Who are the Water Champions?

We can ALL be Water Champions. Being a Water Champion does not require big heroic efforts, it requires small changes that add up to a big difference…

By being more conscious on how we use water in our lives, we can help tackle the world’s water challenges. From the way you brush your teeth to the food you select, every choice you make influences the water in your surroundings. Sustainability is precisely that: caring for water today to ensure it remains available for future generations.

This must be a collective concern. It means to use resources responsibly, without exhausting them nor exceeding their capacity for renovation, so future generations can keep counting on them, as we know that our precious water resource is not infinite.

What impact will my actions have?

Solving global water challenges like drought, flooding and pollution is a massive undertaking. It takes a team effort to tackle challenges of this scale. The good news is that since everyone relies on water and uses it every day, everyone can play a part. By taking simple actions like fixing leaks and taking shorter showers, you can help save water (and save money).

If we all make small changes in how we use and protect water in our daily lives, it can add up to make a big difference. When these individual efforts are combined with positive actions from government and business, we can solve water at scale and help create a more sustainable future.

How do I get involved?

It’s easy and free to get started – simply create an account and start surfing. With every article you read, video you watch or suggested action you take to solve water you can earn “Waterdrops” points. These “Waterdrops” can later be redeemed for cool rewards or prizes.

I’m struggling to access the website, can you help?

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I have trouble creating an account, can you help?

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I have a media inquiry. Who should I contact?

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What are “Waterdrops” and how do they work?

Water Champions is about bringing people together to learn about the global water challenges and actions they can take to help solve water. To encourage users to take action, we offer a points and reward system. Anyone who signs up to a free account is eligible to earn “Waterdrop” points by completing actions such as reading articles, taking part in quizzes etc.

These “Waterdrops” can be redeemed for cool rewards and prizes. Take action to solve water. It’s our way of encouraging everyone to be a Water Champion!

What can I use Waterdrops for?

Waterdrops can be used to redeem epic rewards, prizes or experiences. Keep an eye out on the Waterdrops page for the latest developments.

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