Three simple steps to save water

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Save Water. Save Energy. Save Money.

It’s as simple as that. We do this everyday at Etihad Stadium and you can do it too. Saving water ultimately saves energy and money for both you and your community.


Installing low-flow showerheads and toilets can reduce water use by 40 percent and 20 percent, respectively. These simple switches can help you save hundreds of gallons of water each month. We use both at Etihad stadium and the City Football Academy and have seen impressive results.


Leaky taps and pipes can waste up to 75 litres of water each day. Regularly check for leaks and repair them promptly to save water and money. Our maintenance team at Etihad Stadium is constantly on the lookout for leaks.


Manchester is known for its rain, and we use it to our advantage. Collecting rainwater is an easy way to save water and money. You can use the rainwater to water your plants, wash your car, or even flush your toilet. Etihad Stadium and our City Football Academy pitches are primarily watered through an advanced rainwater capture and reuse system.
46% of people believe their household uses 20 litres of water day, but it’s actually almost 142 litres per person.
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Every action adds up to meaningful impact. A lot of the actions are simple but powerful when we work as a team. Take action today and let’s protect the planet and our precious resource.