Our world runs on water. You, your local economy, your favorite football team. But droughts, floods, and pollution are impacting everyone. Let’s work together as a team to avert this growing water crisis. Take action, today.
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Only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater and of that, only about 1.2% of the Earth’s water can be used as safe drinking water.
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2.7 billion people suffer from drought at least one month of the year.
Children carrying water in a hot country
1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to drinkable water.

Drought, flooding and pollution impacts everyone. 2.2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. $81 billion in economic losses from floods in 2021 alone. Over 800,000 precious lives are lost each year due to unsafe water and sanitation.

This water crisis is everywhere:

Manchester New York Mumbai

We’re creating a global movement of Water Heroes! Let’s work together as a team to avert this growing water crisis. This platform gives you the tools and fun prize draws to drive action today.


In Mumbai, Young Leaders from Water Heroes Academy are working to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). In India 88 million people lack access to safe water – that’s enough to fill the Mumbai Football Arena over 4500 times.
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In Shanghai, Young Leaders from Water Heroes Academy provided water sustainability education for all, with a focus on children with intellectual disabilities. To date, the project has reached more than 500 participants across schools in Shanghai. This project is delivered in partnership with Special Olympics.
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Sao Paulo

In São Paulo, Water Heroes Academy Young Leaders in the community of Vila Albertina use football to empower youth to campaign on water access and pollution. Through creative football-based games the project educated local city kids aware of the importance of water and its conscious consumption. In 2016, 35 million Brazilians did not have access to drinking water and more than 100 million lived without adequate sanitation.
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Cape Town

In Cape Town, South Africa Water Heroes Academy projects worked to improve water access in underserved local communities, such as Khayelitsha – the largest township in the Western Cape. Up to 40 million litres of raw sewage is pumped into the sea at Mouille Point on the Western Cape daily.
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New York

In New York City, USA, Young Leaders are focused on preventing urban flooding and water pollution. By 2045, more than $8.5 billion of the New York State’s residential properties (based on today’s values) will be at risk of chronic flooding. Vanessa and fellow Young Leaders in NYC are equipping local city kids with tangible solutions to these issues, including water conservation, proper waste disposal, and looking after waterways.
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Buenos Aires

Around 3.7 million people in the Buenos Aires suburbs do not have access to water mains – La Cava is one of those communities. As part of Water Heroes Academy young leaders in La Cava equipped local children with tangible solutions to these issues, including installing clean-water handwashing stations and teaching them the importance of handwashing.
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Cape Coast

In Cape Coast, Ghana, Young Leaders are working hard to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. According to UNICEF, 76% of households in Ghana are at risk of drinking water contaminated with faecal matter.
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In Melbourne, Water Heroes Academy Young Leader developed WASH and football sessions to educate young participants on how to better look after water. Water levels in Melbourne have declined 30% in the last six years due to drought.
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Mexico City

It is estimated that about 70% oof Mexico City has less than 12 hours of running water available per day, whilst 50% of the floods in Mexico City are due to obstructed drains. Water Heroes Academy Young leaders in the suburbs of Valle de Chalco and El Coyolito help build flood-resilient communities and tackle water scarcity.
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What is the “Water Heroes” Hub?
The “Water Heroes” Hub is an online resource dedicated to informing people about growing global water threats, and what we can do about it – individually and together – to help solve water. The site includes educational content and prize draws to encourage users to learn more about urgent water issues like drought, flooding, water pollution, the rising cost of water, and the need to attract talent to the water sector. Users can sign up for a free account to earn points “Waterdrops” for completing actions like reading content, watching videos and taking part in quizzes to enter prize draws. We’re bringing people together in creating a movement to solve water and create a more sustainable world. Join the Water Heroes movement!
How do I get involved?
It’s easy and free to get started – simply create an account and start surfing. With every article you read, video you watch or suggested action you take to solve water you can earn “Waterdrops” points. These “Waterdrops” can be redeemed for entries to Water Heroes prize draws.
What are “Waterdrops” and how do they work?
The Water Heroes movement is about bringing people together to learn about the global water challenges and actions they can take to help solve water. To encourage users to take action, we offer a points and prize draw system. Anyone who signs up to a free account is eligible to earn “Waterdrop” points by completing actions such as reading articles, taking part in quizzes, signing petitions etc. These “Waterdrops” can be redeemed for entering our Water Heroes prize draws. Solve water for a chance to win prizes. It’s our way of encouraging everyone to be a Water Hero!
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